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How do you choose a pair of outdoor sports glasses that are best for you?

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How do you choose a pair of outdoor sports glasses that are best for you?
Recently, many friends asked about how to choose a pair of outdoor glasses, we all know that outdoor sports glasses is an outdoor equipment, a variety of outdoor sports glasses, different people have different needs, so, how to choose outdoor sports outdoor glasses glasses, what brand is good.

1.sports glasses shape choice, everyone is everyone has his hobby of different shapes, different face frames have different requirements. Remember the complementary principle: a round face, a prescription, a square face, an elliptical choice.

2, frame selection requirements soft, flexible, resistant to impact, sports safety, protect the face from injury. The face of the frame can be designed to keep the eyes close to the edge of the frame to prevent the rapid motion of the strong wind from stimulating the eyes.

3, select sports glasses should pay attention to lens function. Because different lenses have different filtering effects on light, it is suitable for different sports environments. Dark lenses are better than light lenses, effectively isolating ultraviolet light and improving the UV index. For example, the purple lens can reduce the visible light into eyes, does not affect the visual clarity. Therefore, the lenses of bicycle sports glasses can be made of purple and suitable for long wear. Gray lenses provide the best color vision perception and are recommended by experts. Yellow lenses can enhance contrast in fog. Do not wear when driving. The yellow green and purple color gradually gilded mercury lens can effectively filter the blue sky and the ground, enhancing the contrast, so Golf glasses using yellow green and purple lens, allowing the ball more clearly in the field. Every day the sun constantly emits ultraviolet light, visible light and infrared light. If there is no proper protection for the glasses, each of them will cause serious damage to the eyes and affect the three. Visible, choose a suit for their own requirements of sunglasses, color is very important. In addition, it is best to buy anti UVA and UVB anti radiation glasses.