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Worthy of outdoor sports masks

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Worthy of outdoor sports masks
With the deterioration of air quality, the frequency of fog and haze in Beijing has become higher and higher, and the sky always feels gray. Seemingly haze weather has become the norm, and the blue sky and white clouds have become a luxury...... In this case, we should say goodbye to "oral environmental protection", governance haze is the need to take practical action. In addition, it is recommended that you go out of doors and stop outdoor activities. It is better not to exercise cardio and pulmonary functions. Not go out, we must take self-care measures -- face masks.

To tell you the truth, I have never been used to wearing a mask. But considering the increasingly bad environment, we have to use it. A few days ago, I bought a medical N95 mask at the drugstore and found it several times. If I use N95 in my glasses, the fog is more obvious. So he gave up and planned to buy another mask......
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